Suzhou Universe UAV

SUU is a high-tech company with ability to develop & customized flight control system & complete UAVs: like Police UAV, Agriculture UAV, Military UAV, Professional UAV, etc

SUU is a price tag, in partnership with AOPA, and many heavyweight customers, including China aerospace and national defense science and technology.
Digital Eagle UAV

Research Center

SUU research center is partner of many research institute, NUAA and other universities.

SUU has applied over 100 patents and 150 invention patents.

Overseas Sales Department is in Suzhou.

R&D Centers in Wuxi and Suzhou.
research center


SUU 1# Factory is in Yancheng.

The 2# Factory is in Qingdao. A quite automatic one.

The 3# Factory is new bought,its in Hangzhou.

We have over 700 employees in total,and we are still growing quite fast.Supply ability would be over 13,000 sets per year.


Reliable & Advanced 
& Cheap

We promise to provide Reliable & Cheap UAV products and services.


We are one of top UAV exporters in China and we are aiming to be the BEST.


Low failure rate &
Long service life


Over 100 patents &Over 200 researchers.


Own UAVs &
Flight control systems


Low price for clients &
Lower for dealers


Permissions & Rewards