After-Sale  Service

Quality guarantee


To help our clients to use UAVs and components better and longer,we offer 24 months quality guarantee for the airfrome and 1,000 times I-O for the battery and unlimited online service.

During the guarantee period,we offer free maintenance,free spare parts replacement,free online help,and paid face to face help if needed.

You can ask for guarantee by HERE

*Not effective if products are damaged by human factor.


After the whole payment, the package will be sent in 30 days.

The delivery shall be by flight or shipment, it depends.

You can ask about the delivery by HERE

Spare Parts

If it is not in the quality guarantee period, you can still buy spare parts from us including the airframe, battery, autopilot, camera, motor, remote controller, esc, video transmission.

About the model of the spare parts, you can ask the sales for it. Some spare parts can be upgraded/custom-made.

You can ask for spare parts by