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We Universe UAV Co.,LTD own sales center、research center and dozens of persons' support team to help our clients.

We offer Pre-sales QA,free designing,free customize,UAV manufacture.

We offer after-sales QA,UAV flight training,maintenance,spare parts,even face to face help if necessary.

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Agriculture Spraying

To help our clients to control UAVs better,we offer training service.

We are authorised by IAOPA's China Branch,so the training is useful and acceptable in whole world.

The training contains UAV knowledge,flight control,situation reaction,common failure handling .etc

You can ask for training by HERE

Agriculture Monitoring

To help our clients to use UAVs and components better and longer,we offer 12 months quality guarantee and unlimited online service.

During the guarantee period,we offer free maintenance,free spare parts replacement,free online help,and paid face to face help if needed.

You can ask for guarantee by HERE

*Not effective if products are damaged by human factor.

Anti-UAV for Safety

To help our clients to handle situations and failures,we offer maintenance and spare parts.

1. We offer common situations and failures handling manual.

2. If 1 can not help you,we have a help team to offer free online help to maintenance,then give you the solution.

3. If 2 can not help you,we offer face to face help (if paid),engineers will fly to your place to help.The problems will be solved soon.

You can ask for mantenance by HERE